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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don't Waste My Time

I find the older I get the less tolerant I am of plastic people and pretense. I no longer have the patience for those who play at religion, dally with Christianity, who still only have a toe in the water of their relationship with Christ. This isn't born from arrogance or supremecy, but because I have realized something--I'm running out of time.

I only have a measure of time, and I've already lived over half my life. Over half my life is finished and I will not waste the rest on things that hurt me, things that disappoint me, things that are futile. No gossip, no laziness, no status quo.

I have no patience for shallowness,  those who wallow in self-pity, criticism without encouragement, or being judged by those who refuse to get to know me. I will not surround myself with people who do not love me, appreciate my talent, or heart.

I will not invest one more second on those who denegrate, lie, and destroy and manipulate me. I've decided not to allow hypocrisy and pretense into my life; I will not waste a thought or an emotion on those more interested in self than others. I will no longer partner with ineffective, unmotivated, uncreative people. I have no desire to fellowship with those who do not treasure beauty.

My friendships are with real people, those who know what loyalty is; no betrayers are allowed in. My friends encourage by word and deed; if you choose to compete, out-do and gossip to get ahead, go elsewhere.

Faux bores me: faux Christians, faux friends, faux intellectuals; faux love. I've no willingness to listen to mind-numbing banter that says nothing; it wastes my time. I have zero tolerance for those who talk about doing but never get to the doing; it wastes my time. Wasted time is wasted life.

My life is precious; I choose to spend it wisely and with those worthy of it.